Industry Segment: Healthcare Industry

Country: India

Service: PPC

400 Conversions a month?

GBIM PPC team works wonders for Signaturesmiles Dental Clinic Chain!


Signaturesmiles is one of India’s leading dental clinics. An ISO 9001-2008 certified multispecialty clinic chain; Signaturesmiles offers a wide range of topquality dental care services.


The main objective of running a ppc campaign here was to attract international clients. With the rising emergence of India as a hotspot of dental tourism, Signaturesmiles wanted to capture their share of international clientele, most of who visit India for our top-quality but affordable dental services.

Also, there were many other dental clinic chains in Mumbai who advertised online. These posed stiff competition to client’s market share.

Further, client had a large number of services under their ambit & prioritizing the services which would then go on to provide them with the most leads was tricky. The PPC campaign was expected to fill in the ‘holes’ with regard to those services wherein Signaturesmiles did not appear on the top position in organic searches.

Lastly the campaign was expected to support existing seo listings with an adwords presence to boost Signaturesmiles brand on the Serp’s.


Gbim team drew up a highly effective strategy identifying the top services offered by client:

To attract international clientele, we ran separate campaigns targeted at individual countries. Gbim team had to implement accurate geographical targeting to attract the requisite quality conversions.

To fend off our competition, we ended up doing an advanced competition analysis & developed separate ad tracks to counter most of our competition’s ad groups.

The client owned a famous chain of top dental clinics in Mumbai. So, we capitalized on their brand presence to attract more clicks through display ad campaigns having brand related keywords included.

All these strategies paid off handsomely when 6 months down the line, SSMiles started accruing almost 400 lead conversions per month!


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