Industry Segment: Industrial Manufacturing

Country: India

Service: SEO

RCMPA Polishing Pvt Ltd

RCMPA Polishing Pvt Ltd is a well-known industrial giant specializing in production & supply of cerium based fine salts, compounds & high grade polishing powders. RCMPA is the preferred supplier to industry conglomerates across the world. Catering to companies across the globe with its proprietary manufacturing technology , RCMPA has been successful in establishing itself well in a very unique industry niche.


The Title Tags & Meta descriptions of the website lacked many essential HTML features.

As with most clients, the keywords were quite generic in nature & consequently difficult to achieve rankings in.

Also since RCMPA catered to the B2B segment, coming up with creative & engaging off-page activities & content was a challenge too.

In short, GBIM team had to find the right balance between SEO practices, Business requirements, Usability & Conversion rate.


GBIM SEO team got down to business fast & kicked off an effective SEO strategy in place. The Title tags & Meta descriptions were rectified and made seo-friendly.

Also, intensive link building activities: internal as well as external were undertaken to strengthen the keyword rankings.

The website content too was modified in accordance with latest SEO guidelines.


Through successful execution of the campaign, GBIM Seo team was able to deliver successfully on most of the KPI’s in consideration: right from Pageviews & Goal Conversion Rates to bounce rate & pages per view.

Within the 1st term of their contract, more than 15 keywords ranked within the first two pages on the SERP’s! Furthermore, many keywords went on to achieve double listings on the SERP’s. That’s two listings for the keyword in question right on the first page!

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