Industry Segment: Philanthropy & Non-Profit Social Work

Country: India

Service: PPC

A monthly web traffic of 5000 visitors to your website?

We did it for Dasra…why not you?


Dasra is one of the largest players in the Social Philanthropy & Non-profit sector in India. With over 14 years of experience, they have facilitated funding of over 35 Million USD to about 500 non-profit & social businesses in India.

Owing to their unique ability to bring together knowledge, funding & the right clientele, Dasra is proud to be one of the most successful business stories catalyzing social change in India.


Awareness regarding the benefits of PPC advertising & internet marketing in general is low in social sector. Also, many organizations fail to capitalize the internet attract visibility. With this in mind, the main objective of the program was to drive maximum traffic onto Dasra’a website:

Being in the non-profit sector, visibility was their prime concern & they wanted to leverage internet well to increase their brand awareness. Many social work organizations struggle with funding & opportunities to establish their business & Dasra basically wanted itself to be known to these organizations & contribute to their brand.

The specific needs of this sector were much different in nature from other sectors. Enlisting volunteers, attracting donors, publicizing research, seminars etc were their prime motives. After all, what makes someone write a donation check, spread the word about a campaign, or show up for a meeting or protest? Visibility, it is!


Being one of the top non-profit organizations in INDIA, Dasra was endowed with the highly coveted Google Grants program: a $ 10 000 monthly in-kind advertising scheme extended to organizations working in the social sector. This unique opportunity provided us with ample funds to run a highly successful PPC campaign.

Dividing the campaign into their core verticals of philanthropy, social entrepreneurship & social research GBIM was able to drive maximum traffic onto their website & obtain an optimum no. of clicks.


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