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Country: India

Service: PPC

Gbim PPC team helps reduce the Avg Cpc for Clintech clinic by almost 30% within 3 months!

Clintech clinic

Clintech is one of Mumbai’s leading medical clinics offering a wide range of healthcare services. With branches spread across Mumbai, they are well known for their internationally trained doctors & US FDA approved medical procedures.


With a profusion of online advertising by every other medical clinic in town, grabbing a sizeable market share was of prime concern here. The client wished to leverage their campaign to establish an ‘instant’ presence in Serp’s & increase their reach to attract a larger number of clients. Also, there were more established names peddling the same services to interested clients on Google. Another hitch GBIM faced was the polar nature of services offered by client: right personal care & weight loss to serious medical procedures. Identifying the most viable services & creating dedicated campaigns for them was the tricky problem we had to navigate.

Finally, the client was particular about seeing a high-level PPC performance & growth. We had to have our Industry-leading analytical and custom support capabilities running in full gear to get the show started!


Gbim PPC Team began working on the task with an in-depth analysis of the client's business model. This analysis provided invaluable insights to design a properly structured & efficient PPC campaign.

With the resources available at hand, GBIM team decided to spread the campaign over both search & display networks to ensure maximum visibility & challenge the competitors head-on.

In addition, we were able to identify key areas of opportunity for growth. To address the diverse nature of client service portfolio, GBIM team conducted market & competitor analysis & decided to narrow down the campaign to focus on the more lucrative verticals of client portfolio.

Through a fruitful convergence of all these efforts, GBIM Team was able to drive down the Avg Cost per Click at the same time increase the number of leads!


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