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Gbim provided Allcargo with a 60% decrease in Avg Cpc & a ten-fold increase in monthly clicks. Want to know how? Read on…


Allcargo Logistics Ltd, a supply chain management giant with a 4000 Crore annual turnover, is today India’s leading integrated logistics solution provider. Listed in both BSE & NSE, the company currently operates out of 189 offices in 89 countries worldwide.


Allcargo logistics wanted to utilize PPC advertising as an efficient lead generation tool to drive their business. They were looking for top-quality expertise to set-up and manage their PPC account. With these directives as guidelines, Gbim PPC team set out to improve Allcargo’s PPC ROI.

The campaign was riddled with many challenges. With competition for crucial keywords intense in the logistics industry, the bidding cost was very high at the onset of the campaign.

Also, poor leads were further eroding the campaign profitability


Gbim PPC Team successfully run the campaign for almost a year’s time:

With requisite efficiency, we ran the campaigns, updated ad headlines and linked the promotional content to Allacargo’s landing page.

By maintaining top position in paid listings for many popular keywords, Gbim PPC Team was able to give a huge boost to Allcargo’s brand awareness & advertising strategy. With efficient campaign management, we were able to drive leads generated at the same time bring CPC down to manageable levels.


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